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October 22, 2009

Celebrity Interview: New Beauty Innovations with In Style Contributor, Katrina Szish

katrina szish
Katrina Szish at the Golden Globes-   

    Earlier in the week, I had the amazing opportunity of interviewing In Style Contributor, Katrina Szish on new beauty innovations. If you're an early riser, you've most likely seen the "it girl" of entertainment, celebrity, beauty and fashion on NBC's Today Show, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America, The Early Show, among other high profile news programs.

Latisse Image courtesy of Derm Texas


    The first product we talked about was prescription Latisse. Latisse has been in the news as of late for it's ability to grow lashes thicker and longer. Szish stated "it's a product scientists stumbled on by mistake. It was used as a medication for Glaucoma and they realized that something in it actually made patients eyelashes grow a lot longer and then simply they did all sorts of experiments as they should do, and they realized that this prescription only product really makes your natural lashes grow longer while you're using it. Now if you stop using it, your lashes will go back to normal. But this is something that really makes them grow thicker, longer, fuller and really does an amazing job. You have to keep renewing that prescription in order to keep up that amazing full lash look. You can use it on the top and bottom lashes. You have to be able not to get it in your eyes, there are a lot for warnings. You want to go to our dermatologist and get a prescription for it specifically."

    I was curious to know if the product can be used by contact lens users, and Katrina mentioned that "there are very few restrictions, but again before you go, you want to check your specific situation with your doctor."

vaseline sheer infusionVaseline Sheer Infusion Stratys 3- Image courtesy of Vaseline


     Next up were body lotions and moisturizers, since our skin typically suffers the most through the freezing winter temps.  Ms. Szish was kind enough to share her favorite drugstore favorites by Vaseline and Dove. "There's one in particular that I think is really fantastic for moisturizing the body, because a lot of people realize, yes of course you want to moisture the skin but they don't realize how important it is to have healthy skin. One of the products is a breakthrough in body lotions in ten years, and it's called Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys 3. It gives your skin a remarkable silky skin feel. It's not greasy, it's not heavy and it moisturizes all layers of your skin- the top, the core and deep down. That's really how you're going to have truly healthy, moisturized skin. Of course you can find more about the science behind this one at It's a breakthrough "must have" product that is at the drugstore and affordable."

    Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body WashDove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture- image courtesy of Real Simple

    Did you know most body washes strip moisture from your skin? I don't know about you, but I sure didn't. Katrina informed me that "there's a a body wash on the market that doesn't do that to your skin, Dove Body Wash with Nutrium moisture and it actually replaces your body's natural moisture as you use it. If you use that in conjunction with the Vaseline Sheer Infusion, you're going to be completely safe, protected and healthy throughout the winter months, so come summer your skin is going to be in amazing shape. It's important to maintain your skin all year long. A lot of people think just slap on some moisture in the winter, that's not true. You want to take care of it year round. "

Temptu Airbrush System SephoraTemptu Airbrush System- Product available at Sephora

    I've always been envious of celebrities who are fortunate enough to have makeup artists do their makeup, and make their skin flawless, so they're picture perfect when leaving the house. Did you know, by taking a trip to Sephora, you too can have flawless, silky skin? Szish stated "The Temptu system is actually something that everybody can use at home. You can actually do the airbrushed makeup yourself, which seems difficult, but it really isn't. You just snap in a little pod, you can even use it with blush and really easily, you just spray it on your face. Once you do it once or twice, it's incredibly easy. You don't need any brushes, no blending and you will have a flawless complexion, even if your skin isn't that great to start, and this does work for all skin types. It covers all sorts of imperfections without looking heavy or cakey, and that's ultimately the most important thing."

Tanda Acne Light Therapy SephoraTanda Acne Light Therapy- Available for purchase at Sephora

    She went on to say "there are all these amazing gadgets that were previously only available in your dermatologists office or in doctors offices in general. One in particular I love is actually a little light device, and you just basically run it over your face, and it actually emits different types of rays at different frequencies, and what those rays do is they actually kill the bacteria in and on your skin that creates and keeps acne going, so you can have this amazing light therapy that you could usually only get in the dermos office, but instead you can do it at home."

    I was curious to know if those on prescription medications such as Retin A, or over the counter benzoyl peroxide are able to use this product, as these meds typically make your skin red, dry and irritated. Katrina stated "specifically many dermatologists and experts do recommend that the light therapy be used in conjunction with a product that contains retinol, whether it's over the counter or whether it's by prescription. If you are taking anything that is prescription based, you do want to check with your health care professional before using any of these things, but the results have been remarkable."

Tanda Regenerate Anti Aging Starter KitSephoraTanda Regenerate Anti Aging Starter Kit- Available for purchase at Sephora

    And last on agenda, the dreaded WRINKLES! Little did I know there's another light therapy product on the market to reduce wrinkles. "This product stimulates collagen. You put the light over your face, and again that was usually something you could only get in your dermatologists office, but now there's a hand held device, and you can do it yourself at home. Stimulating the growth of collagen, certainly helps reduce the look of wrinkles. It's not for any age group, many people use it as a preventative measure for aging"

Katrina Szish, John Travolta, Kelly Preston Red CarpetKatrina Szish with actors John Travolta, and Kelly Preston, courtesy of

    Many thanks to Katrina Szish for sharing her amazing beauty innovations for Fall and Winter. For more on Ms. Szish please check out her website. She's currently editing new episodes of "Your Two Minutes", which should be airing in the next few weeks, and can be found on


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I'm so inspired to take a more proactive approach with my skin!

great interview, candi!

Dove is awesome! my allergist recommended I use dove body wash since I have such dry skin! not anymore:)

great post!!

i now have three tabs open on sephora...will be doing mucho reading tonight, as i'm a product junkie.

thanks for this! xoxo.

Thank you Karey for posting this on Kirtsy! It's much appreciated!

If any of you have tried any of these products/gadgets, I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Its a very informative article and i am sure people can take care of their health by practicing on these tips

It does look great to have that lush feeling on the eyebrows. On the subject of latisse, it's important to consult with your dermatologist to get a better understanding of its use, and how to make it effective.

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